Invited Speaker

Dr. Alessandro Lelli

Dr. Alessandro Lelli

Department of Orthopedics, Hospital Casa di Cura Villa Regina, Bologna Italy
Speech Title: The Lelli test: a new clinical test for the diagnosis of ACL lesion

Abstract: The Lelli Test is a new physical examination tool to diagnose anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tears. Preliminary results suggest almost 100% sensitivity and specificity to diagnose acute and chronic complete ACL tears and clinically significant partial tears as compared with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)

Methods: This study included 800 patients attending sports clinic at Department of orthopedics, Gruppo San Donato Italy, aged between 15-40 years with knee symptoms of giving way/locking/pain following or non sports injury.
Clinical history detail clinical assessment of knee for instability including Anterior drawer test, Lachman test, Pivot shift test and Lelli were performed by standard technique and recorded in the Performa. All patient underwent knee arthroscopic evaluation and needful procedure by an experienced arthroscopic surgeon. Arthroscopy findings of ACL tear was recorded and used to assess the reliability of clinical test.

Results: All tests were nearly 100% sensitive for patients with chronic, complete tears of ACL. However, for patients with acute, partial tears, the sensitivity was much lower for the Lachman Test (0.42), Anterior Drawer test (0.29) and Pivot Shift Test (0.11), but not the Lever Sign Test (1.00).

Conclusion: In general, chronic, complete tears were most successfully diagnosed but acute, partial tears were least successfully diagnosed. The Lelli Sign Test is more sensitive to correctly diagnosing both acute and partial tears of the ACL compared with other common manual tests. The clinical relevance is that some ACL ruptures may be more accurately diagnosed.

Biography: Dr. Alessandro Lelli is an Italian medical orthopedic surgeon; he is specialized in knee surgery.

His interests are articular knee and ankle reconstruction, ligament knee reconstruction, prosthesis surgery, growth factors and stem cell implant; his clinical records are over 36,000 knee surgery.

Dr. Lelli creates the “Lelli Test” known as “The Lever Sign” a new clinical test for the diagnosis of anterior cruciate ligament rupture.

Dr. Lelli has taken part in a lot of National and International congress as a speaker and participant.

He collaborates with some Pharmacology European and American Company for which he teaches in training courses.

Furthermore Dr. Lelli is consultant of some sport association, in particularly, in basketball teams.